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Auto Tint

Clearview have more than 15 years experience in automotive window tinting. we are the market leaders in West Berkshire. For many years we have been tinting new vehicles for most of the dealerships in this area. We only ever use the highest quality window films and our application expertise will leave your vehicle looking like factory tinted glass only it will be better because unlike factory tinted glass our window films will give you added benefits such as safety, security and U.V block.





























You will have your own reasons for requiring a vehicle tint but whatever the reason if you want it to last and you want it done professionally








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Our automotive window films remove in excess of 99% of harmfull ultra violet rays. By removing UV rays you are protecting your passengers and your vehicle interior from the harmfull effect of UV.



In the eventof an accident you and your passengers will have increased protection from injurydue to shattered or shards of glass as the broken glass will be held together to a certain extent by the window film.



By having a professinal window film application from Clearview you can go a long way to protecting your passengers and your possessions from unwanted attention.



Having a high quality window film applied to you vehicle it will effectively reduce the heat build up. There are several benefits to reducing solar heat gain, not only will it improve passanger comfort but

you will keep your pets cooler and evan the shopping on the way home. You will also be less relient on air conditioning for cooling and so saving fuel.



If you have children in the back on a sunny day you will know how glare can irritate their eyes, auto tint will eradicate this problem. If you have multimedia screens fitted it will remove the glare on the screens as well as providing the sucurity element.


Heat Reduction









Security And Protection


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